Coaching Women On The Rise

women on the rise cover 4Accelerating Leadership Effectiveness and Delivering Organizational Value

Organizations are facing unprecedented organizational change and complexity. They are under tremendous pressure to improve organizational performance, respond to changing market demands, and develop their people.

Building Your Leadership Bench? Look to Your Women.

There has been slow progress in adding female executives to America’s corporations, despite mounting evidence that doing so improves performance and produces higher returns. While HR and senior executive leaders know they need to pave the way for women’s ascension to top posts, many struggle with how to do so.

Our tailored coaching approach combines fundamental business competencies with personal development, organizational savviness, heightened communication skills, and increased self-awareness.

Leadership relies on relationship building, and that requires well-honed people skills. Influencing upwards is just as crucial as managing downwards when excelling within one’s professional expertise.

Our results-based coaching programs are never time limited. We work with our clients and coachees to create a development path focused on their growth goals and unique needs, resulting in a deep awareness of:

benefits of coaching women

Coaching Designed for Emerging Executive Women

Elevating Executive Leadership – designed by senior business leaders for business leaders. The content reflects a deepWomen on the Rise understanding of the business landscape and what’s required to succeed at the most senior level. Executives gain insight into strengths to leverage and success-limiting behaviors. It also addresses the specific challenges facing female leaders when taking on senior roles.

Accelerating Leaders – designed for mid-career and mid-level management women who want to amplify their confidence and rise within their organization. Building on their potential equips mid-career professionals with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to manage and progress their careers. Participants gain knowledge to strengthen their leadership brand, build skills, and expand their influence through strategic relationship building and networking.

Emerging Leaders – designed for early career professionals who possess goals of promotion to higher levels of contribution. Participants combine personal development with organizational savviness, heightened communication skills, and increased self-awareness.

Leadership Cohort – a small group of aspiring leaders, working together with the guidance of a coach(s), focused on developing key leadership competencies that are critical for advancement into elevated roles of organizational leadership.

Our Women on the Rise coaching programs guide Coachees in building strategies for effective communication, navigating change and uncertainty, and building career-supporting networks.

The Value of Investing in Developing Women Leaders

For businesses, supporting employees through personalized and intentional coaching helps attract, accelerate, and retain talent – building a leadership pipeline for the future.

Research speaks loud and clear on the many advantages of having women at the table—in teams, organizational and political leadership, education, research and more.

1) Better problem solving and greater innovation

Research shows that having more women in leadership positions brings a wider variety of perspectives and approaches, which results in better problem solving and innovation.

2) Increased profitability

Several studies over the past decade , and recently the Peterson Institute for International Economics survey of 22,000 public companies, have all found that the presence of female leaders in top positions of corporate management correlates with increased profitability.

According to a leading global consultancy firm, McKinsey & Company:

“Greater gender diversity on the senior executive team corresponded to the highest performance uplift in our data set: for every 10% increase in gender diversity, earnings before interest and taxes rose by 3.5%.” 

3) Outstanding leadership

Female leaders rate higher than men on collaboration, establishing stretch goals, taking initiative, driving for results and displaying integrity and honesty.

Harvard Business Review analysis of a survey of 7,280 leaders in “successful and progressive organizations…both public and private, government and commercial, domestic and international” found that women are “rated higher in 12 of the 16 competencies that go into outstanding leadership.”

Overall, the skills women rate higher in are those that contribute to improved problem solving and innovation, leadership, and skills that support teams characterized by enhanced trust and productivity.

Invest in your future – invest in your rising women with CareerCurve!