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Turning Transitions into Opportunities

In 2004 in Cleveland OH, four executives with over 30 years’ experience in the outplacement industry decided to change the way transition services were offered- for the second time.  This dynamic team of successful entrepreneurs met to discuss the changing world of work, and its impact on how organizations were responding with increased restructuring and talent optimization. Business conditions were challenging leaders, more than ever before, to reorganize their business structures, resulting in an increase in the number of jobs being eliminated. The impact was affecting talent at all levels, yet the existing outplacement model had grown into an exclusive club offering expensive boardroom services to senior leadership. An opportunity presented itself!

That energetic discussion was the impetus that led to igniting a passion for building the next generation of outplacement known as CareerCurve.

The problem: the existing model of outplacement primarily addressed the needs of senior leaders. Services emulated the executive suite, complete with costly real-estate, private offices, and secretaries.

The solution: disrupt traditional thinking and build a new model offering high-quality career transition support within the reach of all companies and individuals faced with downsizing. Innovative thinking and savvy business acumen coupled with extensive outplacement and career management industry experience gave life to a business model delivering four key differentiating elements:

Value & ROI

  • Our unique service model reduces the need for costly infrastructure and allows us the flexibility to be creative and innovative.

Full Transition Services Until-Landing

  • Our career transition services are not time-based. A personal coach is assigned and dedicated to your employees for the entire duration of your employees’ career search.

Assigned Coach Until-Landing

  • Our commitment focuses on providing individualized coaching for every candidate for the duration of their job search and we consistently outperform national time-to-land averages. This means cost savings to our clients and job search success to our candidates.

Quality Tracking and Reporting Metrics (Landing Stats)

  • Our detailed reporting focuses on providing our clients with meaningful metrics that resonate with organizational leaders. Every coaching interaction is tracked, providing access to numerous data points, including engagement rate, landing method, landing time and most valued service.

CareerCurve ~ paving the way in outplacement evolution;

turning transitions into opportunities.


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