Retirement Coaching

Retirement Coaching

Faced with the need for downsizing, organizations recognize that the tough decisions they are making impact the lives of those employees affected.

Outplacement has long been a valuable severance benefit offered to assist with unexpected job loss and transition to new opportunities.  Today a growing number of later-career individuals are finding themselves experiencing job loss a few years shy of the retirement they planned.

Many individuals nearing retirement are making the decision not to engage in a traditional job search yet benefit from receiving support to assist in planning for their transition to retirement.

Outplacement Services Include Retirement Coaching

CareerCurve’s Outplacement/Transition programs are customized to the needs of each individual. Whether it’s a traditional job search, exploring a career change, entrepreneurial endeavors, or retirement, our coaches work 1-1 with individuals to achieve their desired outcomes.

For those considering retirement, CareerCurve addresses the needs of this group of individuals with our customized retirement coaching solutions.

Intentional Living in Retirement

Retirement is a goal many people look forward to, yet most of their lives are spent focusing on building careers and working. Seldom have they taken the time to really look ahead and build a vision for the equally important life they will live after their working life.

Retirement preparation is much more than just financial readiness – it’s also the all-important psychological preparation and lifestyle planning which focuses on ensuring a satisfying life when one no longer lives a structured and scheduled work life.

How We Help Transitioning Retirees

Our Transition to Retirement Coaching Programs and Workshops are designed to offer individuals considering retirement the tools, strategies and pragmatic support they need to confidently navigate the complexities of this important step.

The modern retirement landscape is very different from that of the past. Today, extended working lives and encore careers are increasingly common as people look to redefine retirement and reshape their lives to better balance work and leisure.

Our coaching programs and workshops cover a range of critical transition-to-retirement issues and give crucial support during the assessment and preparation phase. We support each individual in preparing to enjoy a satisfying and rewarding next stage of their life.

Our Retirement Programs Help Individuals:

  1. Contemplate what they want for the next phase of their life
  2. Build awareness of potential options moving forward
  3. Audit their current career-life needs and requirements
  4. Consider their vision for the future and identify key goals
  5. Assess essential considerations for retirement and whole life planning
  6. Develop a retirement plan of action to achieve these goals

Program Options

One-to-One Coaching (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Executive programs)

Through personalized coaching with our experienced certified coaches, we work with each individual to develop a plan for moving forward that aligns with their unique needs, goals, and priorities for retirement and the future.
Armed with a comprehensive workbook, each coaching session includes a range of practical exercises, assessment tools and targeted questioning designed to help participants move through essential considerations and planning steps.

retirement 2Half or Full Day Workshop  

Intensive group workshops aimed at helping attendees assess their readiness for retirement and design a plan for moving forward that aligns with their unique needs, goals, and, priorities for the future.

Retirement doesn’t need to be the end of one’s career story, just the writing of a new chapter, and planned well can lead to a life that satisfies and contributes to one’s ultimate well-being.