Assessment and Feedback

assessments uncover opportunityEmployees want feedback. They want an honest assessment of their behavior to help them improve their work. They know that if they listen to, and take action on, clear and constructive feedback, their overall performance will improve. Successful employee retention and promotion will result. And so will overall employee job satisfaction.

However, most managers feel uncomfortable delivering feedback, especially when it involves a problem or concern. So many managers take a passive approach or are guilty of knee-jerk, “drive-by” feedback, which can be counterproductive. Providing feedback that gets results is critical to growing, engaging and retaining talent.

CareerCurve assessment and feedback solutions offer valuable insight into providing the right feedback to support talent development. Our approach incorporates the essential elements of assessment and actionable, effective feedback for more in-depth learning and behavior change.

Feedback is both an art and a science. Assessments are effective tools to point a manager and an employee in the right direction; however, it is critical to administer feedback in a confidential, positive and results-oriented manner. CareerCurve coaches are skilled diagnosticians who figure out how to best interpret the data and guide the process to incorporate feedback in a way that furthers your employees’ growth and leads to deeper learning.

Assessment, Feedback, and Coaching

CareerCurve offers assessment and feedback designed to engage employees and leaders in exploring new learning and development techniques. Our solutions will contribute to both the individuals’ and the organization’s growth. Some of the benefits include:

  • A focus on self-awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Learning by intention
  • Personal brand, a key factor to organizational influence
  • Identifying and leveraging strengths
  • Recognizing and dismantling blind-spots and roadblocks


We draw on a diverse portfolio of validated assessment tools that will contribute to employee insight about their personality and behaviors. These instruments collectively allow the employee to identify preferences and development needs from an internal and external perspective.

Feedbackassessment graphic A

With the guidance of a coach, employees review the results of the assessments and highlight significant findings, then with one of our experienced coaches, they will explore how these elements contribute to decision making, collaboration, innovation, and change. The feedback process then flows into the creation of a personal development plan, with guidance from the coach and buy-in from the manager, to provide a road-map for growth.


Coaching is often the next step, to guide the process forward and ensure success. Our professional coaches can assist the employee with techniques to identify barriers, construct approaches to overcome constraints and build a path to effective leadership.

Coaching is often customized for each client, and can include:

  • Assessment/Feedback only
  • Development planning, with “traction” sessions to maintain momentum and accountability
  • Group/Team assessment and feedback
  • Full coaching engagement(s) until results are achieved