Career Transition

Coach Driven Career TransitionCareerCurve’s Outplacement services are another tool in your profitability, brand value, retention, and recruiting toolkit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks nationwide data on how long it takes to find a new job, and it is typically a long and stressful time for anyone. Individuals with CareerCurve outplacement programs consistently outperform the national time-to-land averages, demonstrating ROI through reduced unemployment insurance contributions.

CareerCurve Making a Real Difference

CareerCurve’s transition programs are consistently monitored for quality and effectiveness.  We have a proven record of getting individuals back to work faster.  Our results-based solutions:

Save your organization money:  The average individual costs his or her previous employer $300 a week in unemployment insurance. The sooner an individual lands a new position, the more the previous employer saves. It’s what we mission values 3

Protect your brand  Employees who are treated respectfully and fairly when terminated are less likely to voice negative opinions of the company via any form of media. Outplacement supports a positive view of the company by employees and the community. It’s about doing the right thing.

Maintain morale and productivity of remaining employees: Providing outplacement shows the company has a social conscience and demonstrates to remaining employees their friends and colleagues are respected and are being treated fairly – outplacement demonstrates company commitment during a time when productivity and engagement are important.

Reduce exposure to litigation:  Research shows that employees who feel they have been treated fairly are less likely to litigate.  Career transition support focuses impacted employees proactively on their future, not on their past.

In times of layoff, people often think, “I’m next.” It’s really important for your current team to see that others are treated well, the company cares, and systems support their co-workers forced to move on.


By offering outplacement services within 48 hours of job-loss notifications, companies will gain positive returns on investment, as well as an enhanced employer brand.