Managing Change

Change Managment Employee EngagementChange is the new constant in today’s world. Whether your organization is experiencing restructuring due to a change in business mission, a merger, acquisition or divestment, CareerCurve has the expertise and the ability to support you in managing and adapting to organizational change in the workplace today. Employee Engagement often dips during stressful periods of change. Lower engagement leads to lower productivity, which adversely affects the financial performance of the organization. Left unaddressed, this can last far longer than the change event. We have the experience and resources to help and offer a rounded approach to change management, supporting organizational change initiatives to maintain productivity, and promote a positive attitude toward change by recognizing that it is essential to growth and development, for both organizations and individuals.

Our solutions:

  • CareerCurve Change Management workshops look at different ways to understand change and transition and provide a framework for leadership in organizations, as well as strategies to help employees stay fully engaged through periods of change.
  •  We deliver practical, relevant training to build core skills around managing organizational change for leaders, individuals, and teams. Participants learn to accept the reality that change is normal, and working intentionally toward understanding and acceptance will lead to new beginnings.

Fundamentals of CareerCurve’s Change Management Focus

  • Understand how change works at the individual and organizational levels
  • Learn a straightforward model to organizational change management activitiesChange Management
  • Clarify what really needs to change in order to achieve the desired results
  • Learn how to uncover and reduce resistance
  • Identify how to gain leadership support and engage stakeholders
  • Design key elements of your change initiative
  • Build the skills to personally influence change